14 Most Common Electrical Issues in the Household


Electrical problems don’t just harm your expensive appliances, but they can risk human life and property. In that case, the safety of you and your family is the foremost priority. 

You can identify most of the malfunctions told here, but some are subtle, and people fail to notice. It’s not like your air conditioner isn’t working or your phone is taking too much time to charge, but problems that are deep inside your walls.

In this post, you’re going to know about 14 of the most common electrical problems in a household. 


1) Blinking or dimming lights

It can be a signal of a faulty connection and can lead to arcing. The frequent contact between damaged connections could result in sparking and eventually overheating or fire. 


2) Warm power outlets or switches

If you ever feel like your switches and outlets are getting warmed up, it’s a sign of malfunction. It’s imperative to contact a local professional electrician to rectify the problem. 


3) Non-stop electrical surges 

Did you know that an electrical surge lasts only milliseconds? It can happen from when lighting strikes, or if there is bad electrical wiring, or even from faulty appliances. You need to remove any cheap devices or powerboards or consult a professional electrician. 


4) Light bulbs burning out frequently

If you notice that you’re replacing light bulbs too often, then you’re dealing with electrical problems. It means your wattage is too high, or bad wiring on the specific circuit, or even there is terrible wiring in your primary circuit. 


5) Your breakers tripping frequently

It happens when too much electric current flows through the circuit as it becomes overloaded and eventually trips. In this case, it’s better to add an electric circuit or upgrade your electrical services.


6) Getting electrical shocks often

Mostly electrical shocks happen while turning a device. It can be a problem with your appliances or the outlet. You can always check your outlet with different devices and rectify the situation. Or, if you’ve experienced a mild electrical shock, then consider checking for ungrounded circuits. 


7) Getting high electrical bills

Paying high electric bills is not a good practice. If you think that you should gain control over the bills, then here are some tips. 

– Identify and repair damaged electrical circuits 

– Make sure to unplug electrical devices when not in use 

– Change your service provider 

– Identify power surging appliances


8) Lights get too bright or dim

If you see signs of this (despite the wattage of lights), the issue might be with your main power panel. Consult with a professional electrician to solve the problem.


9) If your junction box is open

Your junction box acts as a hub where wires are connected. It can potentially lead to an electric shock if a person accidentally damages the junction box. It’s better to buy a new cover for the box. 


10) When you have few outlets to live with  

The use of extension cord has increased since there is a shortage of outlets. Using an extension cord for a long time isn’t the best idea. It can be prone to fire hazards if the cable becomes overloaded. It’s time to consult with your professional electrician to add new outlets to your home. 


11)  If your home doesn’t have GFCIs

Your bathroom and kitchen are prone to electrical hazards due to the water presence, and GFCIs help you avoid the trouble. If your home doesn’t have one, then time to contact your electrician. If there is a faulty GFCI, you can replace it on your own. 


12) Ungrounded outlets

Ungrounded outlets can cause mild electrical shock. It can also damage your devices when used for an extended period. You must contact a professional electrician to clear the problem. 


13) Power declines and dips

When you connect the devices to faulty and low-quality power grids, power dips can happen. It will lead the appliances to consume more power than needed. Power dips can damage your devices too. Make sure you check your power grids before installing any expensive appliances. 


14) Check out for vintage wiring

If you’re living in an old home, chances of having old and recalled wiring are high. They can pose a potential threat to you and your family. Whether you’re planning to buy an old home or even living in one, it’s time to consult with your electrician. 


What’s next? 

If you identified any of the electrical problems while reading this post, then make sure to take the proper measures to fix them. Because none of your devices matter for your safety. 

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