Making Spokane Apartments Safe and Maintained

Maintenance is required for all buildings to make sure they are up to code. It’s extremely important to make sure everything is in good working order after the initial installation of the wiring. To make sure it is properly maintained, Artizan Electric provides the best electrical services by being thorough and meticulous when inspecting the building. Our job is to make sure everything is properly constructed, installed, and connected so that your building is operating seamlessly day in and day out.

We provide Servicing electrical needs of property management and their associated rental properties with discounted rates.

From bath fans to wall heaters, we have experience with it all. We’ll take care of all your electrical systems in your apartment complex, townhomes, duplexes, and more.

Artizan Electric Serving Pullman WashingtonIts absolutely critical that you ensure your apartment complex is up to date to prevent:

  • Arcing
  • Sparks
  • Fire
  • Burnouts
  • constantly tripped breakers
  • Shocks

We are the certified and transparent professionals that you can trust to properly steward your properties.