Electrical Repairs In Eastern Washington

There are many beautiful and classic homes in Eastern Washington. With classic homes, comes classic wiring which may need more serious repairs and replacement.

Ungrounded outlets can cause electrical issues at your home and even damage your electronics that are plugged into them.

The professional electricians at Artizan Electric are trained to diagnose your electrical problems quickly and safely. We will evaluate your situation and present your options to you keeping in mind the cost, and especially, the safety of your property and guests.

Artizan Electric - Professional Electrician in Pullman To Change your Outlets from Dangerous to Amazing

Hazardous Issues to Watch Out For
For example, if you’re experiencing flickering or dimming lights, this could be a sign of loose or corroded connections that could lead to sparking, overheating, and fires. Sparking outlets could be a sign of short-circuiting which leads to exposed wiring that could result in a fire if the electrons spark. Call us today at (509) 339-9991 to do a full home inspection.

Isolated Power Outages
Power outages in your neighborhood is one thing, but what about the power being out in only one room of your house?

This could be a tripped breaker, overloaded outlet, or a tripped GFCI. If you look into these issues and nothing sets the power back on, then you might be looking at a more complicated issue.

As a licensed electrician at Artizan Electric can help you with in no time. It’s important to have an experienced professional solve your electrical issue because you may need new wiring, and if wiring is not done correctly, it could result in serious safety concerns like electrocution.

From small home updates like updating switches/outlets/fixtures to re-configuring kitchen lighting to finishing an unfinished basement, no matter the need or size of project we can help you with your electrical needs.

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