We Provide Electrical Safety Inspections In Spokane And Eastern Washington.

We provide professional Electrical Safety Inspections for homeowners, property managers, and commercial property owners.

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These types of inspections are critical and are important for all homes. Its a common process to have additional inspections at the time of purchasing a house. This is a pivotal decision to ensure the safety of the home during purchase. Most families do not inspect their electrical systems aside from the purchasing process.

Why Do I Need An Electrical Inspection?

Electrical inspections can be done for a variety of reasons. Commonly we’ll perform an electrical inspection for homeowners who need to know the condition of their electrical wiring and other components.

Homes from ten to twenty years old are recommended to have inspections because the wiring may need to be replaced. Sometimes home-owners will perform their own upgrades and might not follow best practices that can cause safety hazards.  We have also found aluminum wiring which needs to be replaced with copper for safety reasons.

You may need an electrical inspection done if you’re planning to add on to the home. Your home was manufactured to deal with only a maximum amount of power usage. But if you are looking to install a sauna, hot tub, or other high power load appliances, your home might be unequipped to provide enough electricity.

What To Expect

When we perform an Electrical Safety Inspection in Spokane, we go over:

  • Inspected to Residential Electrical Code
  • Whole House Wiring Inspections
  • Electrical Panel Box Inspection
  • Electrical Safety Inspection List
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