5 Tips To Save Money On Electricity This Winter

Winter is here.

Ever wondered why the electricity bills hike up during the winter than in other months? The chilly climate feels great, but if you don’t take the necessary steps in your home, there are chances for the electricity bills to scale up.

Data shows that electric bills during winter go up higher than that of other seasons. This happens because when it’s colder outside, we tend to stay indoors watching TV and spending time with our family.

And most of the time, we boil water for a cup of tea or coffee or to take a bath. We tend to prepare snacks by turning on the oven or the stove for a more extended period than usual. Each and every little activity adds up, and that results in the hike of the electric bill.

Everything mentioned above cannot be controlled because we’re humans, and every one of us wants to enjoy the winter just as it is. But there are certainly other factors you can consider to save energy during this winter.

In this post, you will learn 5 tips and steps that will help you save real money on electric bills even without sacrificing any of the fun. So let’s get right into it.

Tip Number 1
Switch off Unwanted Lights In The Day Time

As it gets dark early in the winter, the lamps need to be turned on earlier. And they glow for more period than usual. This can result in more energy consumption and higher electric bills.

Make use of the daylight to the maximum. Avoid turning on lights in the day time as they are expected to work extra long hours during the night. This way, you can balance the additional amount that might add up to the electricity bill.

You can also use energy-efficient holiday lights to light up some of the rooms in the winter alone. LED Christmas lights are optimal for this use. These lights save some dollars on the electric bill and bring out that pleasant look inside the home.

Tip Number 2
Replace old baseboard heaters with wall heaters

Many of our homes are still equipped with the old generation baseboard heaters. But if the baseboard heater is old enough, they don’t heat up as they used to be. Then there are chances you might lose a fair amount of money in the operation. Which means they consume the same amount of energy but gives out a meager result.

Repairing these old-timers can be a waste of time and money. But if you replace them with something more compact like a smart wall heater can benefit you.

Wall heaters work entirely different than that of a baseboard heater. A wall heater pushes warm air across the room using a fan instantly. You can save the space required for a baseboard heater and the energy costs as well.

At Artizan Electric, our professionals are trained to inspect the efficiency of a baseboard heater. We can assess if the heaters are working correctly or just draining money out of you.

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Tip Number 3
Double-check your electrical panel

Your heaters, the oven, the stove, and anything related to generating heat consume a lot of energy, especially in the winter, which means you’re going to need a well functioning electrical panel to avoid any shortfalls or damage the overall operation.

A damaged electrical panel in the middle of the winter can be chaotic.

Because the winter makes it miserable if we went out of power the whole night. And it’s quite expensive to repair the whole board once the snow has been accumulated. Because high moisture can cause the formation of rust and corrosion inside the board, leading to a bad connection.

You need to make sure your panel is in sound condition and is good to take on the entire winter.

Get an expert inspection on your electrical panel immediately with Artizan Electric’s professional electricians.

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Tip Number 4
Locate and seal off all the leaks

This might sound silly, but every little hole and leak can push out the warm air out of the house and bring in cold air.

You can use heavy-duty plastic sheets in the holes and leaks in windows, and use insulated curtains for improved heat insulation.

In the doorways, you can use draft stoppers or weather strips. And make sure they are tight enough to hold the warm air inside the house.

If you aren’t using the fire chimney in the winter, then consider sealing the duct. Because there is an good chance that the warm air inside the home can smoothly go out from those ducts and be replaced cold air.

Tip Number 5
Take advantage of the daylight.

Make the most out of the world’s best heating system, the sun. Draw the curtains off from the south-facing windows all day. This will help you not lose that natural heat that you could use to keep the home toasty.

And once it began to get dark, close the curtain and preserve that natural warmth inside the home. You can also use insulating/thermal curtains if you want for better results.


Saving energy during winter is really possible. But if you want your home to be warmer, then be it. Use the heaters to warm it up and Don’t let the electric bill be a reason to cut off all the joy in this amazing weather.

Some of the tips mentioned above feels small and ineffective. But if you can combine them you’ll get more heat preserved in your home. That means comparatively less usage of the heater.

Try some of the tips we mentioned here today itself, and above all, enjoy the season.

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