9 Best Deck Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Home

Unlike the old days, decks today are altogether serving outdoor rooms. Comfy furniture, beautiful plants, and blissful flowers bring serenity to you. 

But what is the main ingredient that makes it irresistible? 

No doubt, it’s the lighting. 

Deck lighting is an added beauty that creates an ambiance to your home. Good deck lighting brings out that pleasant atmosphere where you and your family can spend some great mornings or late evenings together. 

Not only the beauty but also, to an extent, deck lighting can add safety and security to your home. Deck lighting can also improve the resale value of your property if you wish to sell it someday. 

A dedicated outdoor outlet installation will allow you to bring the deck lights home. 

In this post, we’re going to show you 9 of the best deck lighting ideas that you can inspire to make the home attractive. 

Idea #1

Deck Stair Lighting

Whenever we think of lights on the deck, the first thing pops in our mind is the stairs. Deck stair lights are elegant and also safe for your and the guests. They give clear visibility to the steps during the night. They are barely noticeable during the day because the fixture itself is set into the step. 

There are various safety regulations related to lighting your stairs. Make sure to check with your city’s code. 

Idea #2

Imitate The Moonlight

Every one of us loves the feel of full moonlight. The full moon is a great time to spend some time outdoors. But what if no moon today or clouds blocking the light? 

You install a moonlight!

Fixture the light high up in a tree near to your deck and position it downwards. It’ll give that shining moonlight down through the branches, making it realistic. 

Idea #3

The pergola lighting

If you happen to have a pergola above your deck, then you’re granted an excellent opportunity for stunning lights. 

You can use the pillar or crossbeams to create inspiration for the lighting. Hanging light bulbs in the pergola can light up the entire deck with a few lights. And the unnecessary wirings won’t be visible. There will only be soft and warm light. 

Idea #4

Pool deck lighting 

If you have a pool near your deck, then lighting is inevitable. Bright lights are appropriate to give safety to everyone that’s in and around the pool. 

There are plenty of light options to choose from, but we suggest recessed and deck posts lights as they give out a clear differentiation. 

If you’re lighting stairs near the pool, make sure to check the local code before proceeding. 

Idea #5

Solar deck lights 

Solar deck lights are becoming more popular with outdoor lighting. They’re primarily used in garden and deck lighting. They’re available in a wide range of variants as per the individual’s need and preference. 

Solar deck lights can be used without the hassle of wiring and plug. They’re easy to maintain as well. 

The battery will get fully charged during the daytime, and the lights last up to 10 hours during the night. 

Idea #6

Rope lighting 

Rope lighting is cheap and straightforward with the installation. Rope lighting doesn’t bring any unique look to your deck as the individual fixtures. However, they’re still attractive. You can use them on the walkways, landscapes, and deck railings. 

You’ll have to install them in a manner that hides the lights. 

Idea #7

String Lighting  

If you’re looking for a DIY deck lighting plan, then string lights will be a great starter. 

Today, string lights are well known among homeowners for outdoor decorations. 

String lights are effortless to install. They bring a classy flair to your outdoor deck lighting. These lights are flexible so that you can install them anywhere you want. All you need is a suitable power source. 

Idea #8

Deck Railing Lights  

Your home projects a proper ambiance even from a distance if you properly install subtle deck railing lights. You can use them as complementary for deck post lights. 

Just like the step lights we talked about earlier, deck railing lights offer safety. You can fix them directly under the railing. You may also want to hide the bulbs so that they won’t be exposed during the day. 

Idea #9

Recessed deck lighting  

Recessed lights on the deck look attractive and cover more area. Since they’re fixed through the ceiling, it brings the glow to every corner of your deck uniformly. 

They’re suitable for safety and ambiance. 

So what’s next? 

Excited to hear about the fantastic ideas to transform your deck? The next step is to see what works the best for you. Call a professional electrician today and let them assess the deck and show you possibilities to carry out various deck lighting. 

If you live near Spokane or Eastern Washington, make sure to contact Artizan for your deck lighting and outlet installation. Our experts will help to transform your outdoor space into a pleasant atmosphere. 

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