Five Home Upgrades That Require Either A Panel Upgrade Or A New Sub-panel.

Everyone loves to upgrade their homes.

Many of us dream of upgrading our home knowing that we get to enjoy the improvements while raising the value of the house. Either way, upgrading a home seems like a good idea. 

Today we’re going to talk about home upgrades that also require an electrical upgrade. So, what does it even mean to upgrade your electrical system?

The home electrical system is like the lifeblood of a home. The sheer quality of living depends on electronics. An improved lifestyle requires an enhanced electrical system. 

I will share the five home upgrades that require either an electrical panel upgrade or a new subpanel. 

Upgrade number 1 – Hot Tubs 

Today, having a hot tub is deemed to be nearly essential rather than a luxury. When it comes to physical and emotional revival, your hot tub is a sanctuary above most other places in the house. 

When you plan to install a hot tub in your home, you need to consider the home’s electric system. You must know that a new electrical hot tub system requires a 50 or 60 amp dedicated circuit and (GFCI)-protected ground fault circuit interrupter at 220 to 240V. 

If your current electric panel is below that specification and configuration, we would suggest installing a new sub-panel for the smooth operation of the hot tub alone. 

Upgrade number 2 – At Home Spas 

Is a spa the same as a hot tub? No, it is not.

They are different in the use and the location. A spa is typically an in-ground structure that has many health benefits. Costco at times has portable units, but most homeowners prefer a dedicated space. Hot tubs in this sense are a bit more portable (and replaceable) while having its own plumbing and electrical system.

So how does implementing a spa or sauna in your home affect the electrical system? 

The hot tub, the spa, a season pool, or a sauna works on 200 amp service. Anything below that mark can cause malfunctions to occur with your new expensive spa system and creates a potential safety hazard to you. 

So, it’s a great option to add a new sub-panel or upgrade the existing one. Talk with a certified electrician and learn which one is a perfect fit. 

Upgrade number 3 – Expanded Garage or Additions

Do you love extra space at home? A garage expansion is a great way to enhance not only storage space, but also create a prominent place to store cars or use as a game room, a workroom, tool storage, and much more. 

An expanded garage may require a new sub-panel. And it entirely depends on how much electricity you typically use when working in the garage. If you operate welders, compressors, or anything that requires high voltage, then you’ll need a 100-amp sub-panel. If you’re taking only small works, then a 60 amp sub-panel should do the job. 

Before adding a sub-panel, make sure to talk to a licensed electrician. Because if your main service panel is at 60 amps, you’ll have to upgrade your main panel before adding a sub-panel. 

Upgrade number 4 EV Chargers

The future is now. Many people in the Pullman and Moscow area are now switching their vehicles into electric cars. And most of them opt for residential charging because of the convenience and lower costs. Charging the car in a garage enables you to take advantage of low and stable residential electricity prices. 

There are two types of charging equipment available. Level 1 electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and the more complex version level 2 EVSE. Level 1 provides charging through a 120 volt AC plug, and level 2 is a 240 volt AC plug.

Using either Level 1 or 2 without a dedicated sub-panel might overload the circuit. That means it’s time to upgrade the panel. 

Upgrade number 5 Workshops

It’s great to have an in-house workshop. It can be used for farming, woodworking, metalwork, machining, and so on. Most of the workshops require specific equipment that uses higher electricity than most appliances. Things such as drilling machines, woodcutters, or welding machines. Those types of devices require a new sub-panel. 

A sub-panel can prevent the main service breaker from tripping while using the heavy-duty machines and overheating the circuit breakers. We do come across occasions where an extension cable is considered “enough” to run an additional workshop, but that can cause damage to the equipment without enough electricity to draw from.


Upgrading the existing electric panel or adding a new sub-panel has become almost a necessity these days. With more use of appliances and electric equipment in modern life, it’s imperative to take precautions. 

Installing a new sub-panel can prevent overloading electrical systems and melting fuses. You can also separate the electrical needs of specific areas in your home. 

Our certified electricians at Artizan Electric are experts in electric panel upgrades and replacements and installing new sub-panel in your home. We provide the installation of the electric vehicle charging stations as well. 

Feel free to contact us for a home electrical inspection today. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency services. Contact us on (509) 339-9991, and we’re happy to assist.