Top 5 Things Home Sellers Can Do To Get Their Home Ready For Sale

Are you planning to put your house up for sale?

How cool would it be if buyers noticed your listing, made an offer and you were all done in a couple of weeks?

But there is something more important – you need to make sure everything at home is safe and good to go. And one of the essential factors is the home electrical system. 

Listing your home out there in the marketplace with questionable wiring and electricals is not a good idea. 

Why is it necessary to check the electrical system before selling? 

Most buyers opt for financing to make the purchase. Almost every insurance company and home financing institution requires an electrical inspection report.

Legally, you don’t have to repair the home before selling it. You can market your home as it is right now. But the price is what matters the most. When prospects find out there are faults in the electrical system, you don’t get the price you asked for. Or, they just look for another property.

Providing a pre-inspection ahead of time can help weed out people who are not serious about the home and help to expedite the sale.

Now, with that said, here are the five most important factors you need to consider before you sell your home.

1.Check for outdated wiring systems.

Did you know that many old homes still are equipped with cabling that is older than us? I’m talking about the knob-and-tube and aluminum wiring. Those were used back in the 1900s. And they can pose potential safety hazards to the overall electrical system and to your family.

They are not made to handle the use of modern electronics like heaters, microwaves, TVs, computers, home theaters, and so on. It’s important to consider that overheating of those old wiring can become a potential fire hazard. For safety and for proper operations of appliances, your home should have modern, reliable copper wiring and proper grounding.

2.Check for out-of-date electrical service 

Most old houses are equipped with 60-amp electricity service. Those older systems have a limited number of circuits in them. 

The problem is, the service capacity is not enough to power up different kinds of appliances of the current world. It’s better if you think about upgrading the electrical service to a 200-amp/240volt service. For the past 20 years, it has been the standard in single-family homes. Those older 60-amp systems have a limited number of circuits.

3.Verify the electric panels 

You have to perform a breaker test and check all circuits in your home. The breaker test will help you to identify a malfunction with the electric panel.

In the United States, there are various recalled electric panels that people still use to date. So, before you decide to sell the house, replacing those old electric panels would be a great idea. Especially since they pose fire hazards. 

4.Check if the GFCIs are missing

GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter and that consists of a specialized outlet with a built-in breaker. They are designed to prevent electric shock if any device comes in contact with the water. The GFCIs are fitted in the kitchen, pool, bathroom, and everywhere else the electricity comes in contact with moisture. 

Furthermore, underground outlets can be made safer through these devices. GFCI’s are not too expensive. Make sure to check if the GFCIs are missing from your home. 

5.Check all the ungrounded outlets

The grounded outlets are vital to your home’s electrical system. Without proper grounding, your expensive devices might become defective.  In addition to that, it can lead to an electrical fire or a health hazard. Before even thinking about selling the house, it is imperative to fix the ungrounded outlets. 


So, these are the most important factors you need to consider before you list your home on the marketplace. When a potential buyer is close to making a decision, they may perform an electrical safety inspection by themselves. It’s a bonus point if you have done your homework and made sure the electrical systems are absolutely in order.

Our team at Artizan Electric has a great deal of experience in helping sellers to keep the electric system in the best possible shape. If you are planning on selling your home and you live near Pullman, Washington, or Whitman County, we can have the entire inspection done for you at an affordable price.

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