Electrical Safety Tips to Keep In Mind if You’re Working from Home

Electrical Safety Tips to Keep In Mind if You’re Working from Home  Since the world got hit by the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. We must agree that working from home has its own advantages like zero commuting, more family time, less stress, and the list goes on.  Unlike the office, we […]

5 Electrical Upgrades During Your Home Remodeling

Most people reach out to us and this one question –“Do I need to upgrade my electrical system during remodeling?”. Whether you plan to remodel your home or renovate an old one, it’s essential to upgrade your current electrical system to meet today’s safety standards.  Not only the safety but an electrical upgrade helps to […]

5 Tips You Need to Know About Extension Cords Safety at Home

If you aren’t lucky enough to have power outlets anywhere you need them inside your home; then chances are you might be using extension cords. An extension cord is a convenient way to bring power to your devices. The average homeowner only looks at the extension cord as a quick fix. But using them without […]

Five Home Upgrades That Require Either A Panel Upgrade Or A New Sub-panel.

Everyone loves to upgrade their homes. Many of us dream of upgrading our home knowing that we get to enjoy the improvements while raising the value of the house. Either way, upgrading a home seems like a good idea.  Today we’re going to talk about home upgrades that also require an electrical upgrade. So, what […]